The year 2014 has been very much surprising in the world of technology and smart mobile communication and information. First, let’s say it was purely a year of competition between two big companies of smart mobile phones; the American based company Apple and the Korean one Samsung. This means that the two big businesses did not only compete in producing the best most sophisticated smart phones, but also providing more sources, tweaks and repositories for users, developers and obsessed fans of iOS and Android systems. In this article, our main concern is related to Apple’s iOS 8, 8.1 and the most recent update 8.1.2; we are going to provide you with its top Cydia repo and sources that will certainly be the most used and popular in one month to go in 2015.

As we know, iOS 8 or 8.1 system came to make a difference for Apple fans using either iPhone 4, 5 or the latest one 6 or iPad that has also been refurnished, more developed and iOS 8 native. Of course, we cannot talk about sources and repositories on the most famous application called Cydia without the necessary first step to get it. The software application Cydia for iOS systems can be used only if your iPhone is jailbroken; who does not know what jailbreak is, s/he must do right now some research on Google or watch videos on YouTube to get an idea of what it is and how to jailbreak the latest iOS 8 and 8.1 on iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus, iPad 3, iPad Air and more.

Jailbreaking allows iOS Apple devices to get directly to the sources of free applications, tweaks and so many other interesting things for your smart phone. To do this, there are many web pages that explain the procedure step by step. Currently, to jailbreak both iOS 8 or 8.1 on iPhone or iPad, you can use Pangu Jailbreak and this can be found on dedicated jailbreak webpage with all details on how it came to life after many updates.

When you finish and get your iPhone jailbroken successfully, you can open Cydia and start a limitless discovery of apps free sources. In the following, we have selected for you the best and top sources you must start with in your way:

The top Top free and open Cydia Sources and repositories

  1. BiteYourApple Repository Http://
  2. Hack your iPhone Repository Http://
  3. xSellize Repository Http://
  4. InsanelyiReporistoryHttp://
  5. Qusic Repository Http://
  6. iLEXiNFO Repository Http://
  7. FortySixAndTwo Repository Http://
  8. Exile90Software Repository Http://
  9. Rpetri Repository Http://
  10. Lamrez Repository Http://

default cydia sources ios 7

Top iOS 8 Premium Cydia Tweaks 2015

  1. Aterenum: this is a very nice looking tweak that completely changes the icons into a rolling roll that is based on Apple Watch UI; you can zoom in or out to get the icons smaller or bigger.
  2. VirtualHome: you don’t need to click on the home button but with this little tweak you can easily go back to home screen with only sensor touch on iPhone 6.
  3. TinyBar: this is a really cool tweak you’ve got to try. This can shorten the bar notification on your iPhone to a little small bar on top of the screen and it shows the text of the notification just like a news headlines moving line from right to left.
  4. Slide2Kill8: you don’t need from now on to kill each opened app; with Slide2Kill8 can kill them all with only one slide down of the app. It’s really interesting.
  5. PullToRespring: this is very important if you like to respring your iOS device after installing an app. You only go to settings and draw and hold the screen down and it will respring after a few seconds.
  6. SwipeSelection: just WOW, this is a must for every iPhone 6. I was always nervous when I had to correct a mistake in my typed texts, but with this little premium tweak, you can say goodbye to nervousness. You can now swipe and select the place of the mistake to fix it from the keyboard. That is, you only need to move your finger on the keyboard to move right, left or up and down.
  7. Eclipse 2: if you don’t like the white grey screen of the iPhone main screen, you can change it to dark black screen that will show you options in a clear way.
  8. Barrel: this is one of the best tweaks ever developed for iOS. It changes the way you swipe the pages of your apps into an amazing set of moves.
  9. NoIconLabels: this is straightforward; it gets rid of all app labels which gives the icons a clean screen.
  10. Zeppelin: this changes the carrier logo into your own accustomed one. It can be found in the source (install Air Jordans IV D for Zeppelin)
  11. StatusHUD2: it moves the volume icon to top of the screen to let you watch you video without any annoyance.
  12. SBFlip: this turns the iPhone into a phablet like when you hold the phone upside down; the apps icons are spread on the screen horizontally.
  13. Flurry: this small tweak turns the up and down slide pages into a transparent view. It is really interesting and leaves the screen lighter and cleaner.

The sources and repos presented in this article are the most popular on the web for the upcoming year 2015. They are compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and recent iPads. They are working fine without any bugs or problems, with iOS 8 and 8.1 and with even the most recent update iOS 8.1.2. There are many updates to come in few days so stay tuned and keep visiting our webpage for more enjoyable and interesting tweaks and free Cydia sources. We will try the maximum best to bring you the latest emerging sources for your iOS based device.