ZodTTD is the name given by a gaming enthusiast who has been releasing iOS softwares even before apple made it possible for open source community to develop apps for them. ZodTTD is one of the sources in cydia for free of cost apps, games and a lot more.

Requirments to reinstall ZodTTD Repo from Cydia

Cydia is an open source platform for software distribution that can only be accessed using a jail broken iDevice, meaning any iOS device has to go through a lot hardware and software escalations and remove the limitations and get overall access to your iPhone in order for it to be able to install Cydia on it.

Once you have jail broken your phone or any other apple device you can reinstall ZodTTD repo using one of the two methods given below depending on the case:

If ZodTTD is present as a default sources

ZodTTD Repo

Open Cydia: Now first of all you need to have Cydia installed onto your iDevice. If you have it installed click Cydia and open the More Package Sources present on the screen that just appeared.

Select the Repo: Once you have all the default sources in front of you from among them select the ZodTTD repository.

Add the Source: Tapping on the ZodTTD source you would have a message box in front of you asking for confirmation to add http://cydia.saurik.com as a source, you have to tap on the add bar and the source would be added and you can use it to your desire.

If ZodTTD is not present in the default sources

Open Cydia: This first step is similar to that of the first method with only difference that once Cydia open click manage icon from the bar at the bottom.

Select Sources: Once the manage menu is open tap on the tab at the top that says edit and after that on the next screen that comes in front you would be able to find add icon again at the top of the screen.

Add Source: Once the add message box has appeared asking you to add the source repository for ZodTTD enter http://www.ZodTTD.com/repo/cydia/ in place of the url. If the first source does not work you can use an alternate source http://www.cydia.ZodTTD.com/repo/cydia/

Tap Add: Tap add source from the message box shown in the previous step to add the ZodTTD repo successfully.

Return: Tap on the return to Cydia once the confirmation of source addition is shown and with this you have successfully added the ZodTTD repo to your iDevice and it is ready to be used.