Earlier we talk about Cydia won’t open error and other iPhone related error’s solution but now it’s time to give you fix for itunes irritating 1015 error.

Mac OS has been one of the most secured and reliable operating system till date among its users which not only secure data and other vulnerabilities of the users while its online but to one’s astonishment the securities of Mac OS continues to secure data once the system is offline or turned off. But recent times are evident, that the users have been facing a lot trouble regarding iTunes Error 1015. But before we move on with complete step by step solution of the issue, let us know what this error is and when does one system generates such error while being on the run.

Error 1015: What is it and why is it?

Many times, the users try updating their iTunes from their Mac book, iPhone, iPad or from iPod touch but face an error message that states that the system could not be restored and an unknown Error 1015 is displayed. This message occurs during one of the following reasons:

  • The device updating the iTunes is having a beta version of Mac iOS, or
  • The device is downgrading to an previous version of Mac iOS, or
  • The device is being tried for some unauthorized reforms in order to hack data, popularly known as “Jailbreaking”

fix itunes error 1015

What happens in jailbreaking?

As mentioned earlier, Mac OS has been designed in such a way that it secures the data from being hacked or from unauthorized access under all circumstances. But in case a system is being bypassed the security system, the following are cons that user might have to face:

  • The very first thing that happens is unauthorized access of data, even to the extent that might hamper one’s network or might damage the system OS.
  • After a jailbreak ios8, the system might frequent crashing of the system OS
  • Shortened battery life, call drops etc.

How to resolve the iTunes issues?

When the iTunes is facing and Error 1015, the best to resolve the error is using the Recovery Mode. Well the few simple steps to use recovery mode and resolve the error: –

Step 1: firstly Turn Off the system and keep it switched off

Step 2: now the device has to be plugged in via USB with the PC that has iTunes installed in it

Step 3: Now when the device is connected to the PC, a Home screen icon will appear on the screen. One has to hold and continue holding the home screen icon till the time the device says “Connect to iTunes”. If the message does not appear, continue Step 1 to 3 again.

Step 4: after connecting the device to the system, a message from iTunes will be displayed stating that the system has detected a device and needs to restore before it can be used with iTunes and hence restore the device.

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