Have you ever faced FaceTime not working or not connecting type of error message on your iPhone 4, 5 or iPad? I know must have, as it is common problem that is mostly seen on every 3 out of 5 Apple device.

FaceTime application is a very useful application in iPhone. This application is used to make audio calls and video calls to other users using same app. The installation process is very simple and you can easily make free calls to other iPhone users having the FaceTime users. You just need to have a valid data service plan. You can also use the application by Wi-Fi network. After you install the application from Apple store, you just need to provide your Apple user ID and your valid e-mail. It will automatically synchronize with your phone and will show other FaceTime users.

People may sometimes find connection failed error while using the Face Time application. Make sure that the following instructions are performed to avoid such error. The device that you are using and the device which your friend is using should be updated to the latest iOS version. People often find this common error while using the application.

fix facetime connection lost error

If your phone is updated till April this year then you might find this problem in your iPhone. You need to update the device to use the application to the latest version. Updating your device is very simple you just need to go to the settings option and select the Software update option. This will take some time to update. After the update click on the application icon to use it. If you still find error then follow the next instruction. Make sure that the FaceTime is enabled in the Settings option. You also need to make sure that the Camera is also enabled in order to make video calling. Verify whether the date and time is correct. If not, then you change the settings. Make sure that you have a valid data plan or Wi-Fi connection. If not, then it will not be connected and will continue to show error after tapping the application icon.

How to resolve Facetime error on iPhone 4 and iPad?

If you are having other issue with the app then you should restore the device. Backup your device to iTunes and iCloud. Then go to settings, tap general, select reset and finally select Erase all content and settings. This will erase all the data from your device. Setup the device and restore the data from iTunes and iCloud.

If you are having any connecting issue then try to check the following settings. If you are using router, then make sure the ports documented using the app behind a firewall is open. You can also select the troubleshooting process to solve the issue. Make sure that the FaceTime option is enabled in the settings and also the camera. Disabling the camera will not allow the application to open and will show error every time you open the app.

Thanks for taking time and read my solution about how to solve cydia related error with the usage of Facetime. If you have any kind of question or queries then please feel free to write your comments here.