It would be quite frustrating, that you are heavy torrent user and your iPhone can’t download torrent file due to iPhone restrictions. Apple doesn’t allow its iPhone users to install torrents on their IOS devices, and have removed every single bittorent client from reaching the App Store. If you find a solution, most tutorial you find will educate you how to download torrent files onto your iPhone with a jailbreak method. Today I will show you new method, how to download torrent files on your iPhone without having Jailbreaking. And the good thing is, it’s free!

Before going toward the method, let me clear few misconceptions the bittorent technology is completely legal for using. But downloading material that is copyrighted is illegal. Many people have misconceptions that all material downloads is illegal, and honestly those people are leaving something amazing.

There is a range of legal material that is allowed to be downloaded from bittorent client ranging from video, music to books, etc. If you need more clarification on the topic, whether bittorent legal or illegal, I’d recommend to have a look at this link = “”

As mentioned above, Apple doesn’t allow any Bittorent client to place on its App Store, despite that user can download much illegal content on other downloads provided by Apple like in safari browser. Luckily now there are ways which make iPhone users to download torrent files without making their iPhone jailbreak without Wi-FI and the amazing thing is safari browser is used for downloading torrent files.

How to Download Torrents on your iPhone?

I will use iPhone 4s for this tutorial having iOS 7 installed as its operating system; first sure your internet connecting is fast enough, as this tip will not work on internet connection having slow speed. Wi-Fi is excellent, but 3G also works too. I’ll try to download music file for this tutorial. From this method you can get any types of file that are compatible with your iPhone operating system (movies, movies. eBooks, etc.)

NOTE: Our website does not support downloading copyright material, the method show in this tutorial and file downloaded has been just for learning purposes, and in no way taken as our website support downloading copyrighted content.


1) On your iPhone open your web browser, Search for torrent file you want to download and download its magnetic link, For Example the magnetic or downloading link in the piratebay website below are :

torrents on iphone

2) Once you have successfully downloaded torrent link, open in new window or tab

3) Upload your downloaded torrent link to zbigz, you will see a button a website to enter a link, enter the torrent or magnetic link, and click on “Go”.

4) Once you click “Go” you’re downloading automatically starts. Once the downloads complete you will have your torrent file.

Zbigz is providing a free service that is awesome allowing all types of files to download. There are two types of account on Zbigz, standard and premium, premium charge 10$ a month and 85$ per year with discount. I bet that is very useful for downloading torrent file without having your iPhone jailbreak. If you are an only torrent user then this trick is worth for you.