IOS users have a reason to smile thanks to OpenAppMkt. Some are still wondering what this is. Some people still do not understand how one can download Cydia with the help of OpenAppMkt. Before we look into the actual process, it is also of great importance to first understand what exact it is.

What is OpenAppMkt?

If you want to get cracked Cydia apps then you are at right place. This is an app that takes advantage of all the iPhone web apps. This means that this app allows iPhone users to get the needed apps without jailbreak. OpenAppMkt gathered all the web apps and have a collection to give to iOS users. In short, it is a new App store alternative with the entire iOS web Apps. It is new kind of innovative marketplace for HTML5 mobile application and website. It is open source and easy to use platform that doesn’t require extra knowledge.

OpenAppMkt to download cydia

How to use OpenAppMkt to download Cydia

Now that you know about what exact does OpenAppMkt? it is now possible to proceed and look into the process of downloading Cydia without jailbreak. If you are wondering to have Cydia on your iDevice but don’t want to go with iOS 8 Jailbreak process to avoid Apple’s Warranty issue then you should follow the method given here. The most convenient way is to use OpenAppMkt.

  • First of all install OpenAppMkt on your Apple device. You can find the installation package and step from official website.
  • Now, All you have to do is to search for Cydia using that tool and get to install the App.

The process is so swift and no special expertise is required for a person to get Cydia on their Smartphone. While reinstalling Cydia make sure that you select the correct build that suits your iOS. Latest Cydia version available for iOS 8 and if you have previous version then you should use different build.

Benefits of Using OpenAppMkt to install Cydia

There are various advantage of using this tool to have Cydia on your iDevice. Some of the benefits are listed below here.

  • No Jailbreak Required

You do not need to jailbreak your iDevice when using OpenAppMkt. It works automatic with the devices. You will use any of the many Cydia themes, application, ringtones, backgrounds, wallpapers and everything else without jailbreaking your device. Good thing is you will get paid apps for FREE. But we suggest you to use that for just testing and once you feel that it works for you then please buy their premiums version to support developers.

  • No Need to Download Cydia tweaks

There will be no reason to download any of the Cydia ios8 tweaks for the OpenAppMkt has all the needed Cydia tweaks. With this new tool, iOS users have a reason to smile for there is a way to get all the amazing Apps without paying for them.