It’s fact that there are lots of applications which are only paid versions for IOS (Operating system which is created by company Apple). So lots of people want to download applications for free. For this purpose there is method called “Jailbreak”. After you jailbreak your iPhone device then you can probably download Cydia. This is the system, just like the official application store of iOS, but you can download free applications from third party users. You will get more applications like game applications, productivity applications and etc. By the downloading Cydia, you can easily change the whole interface of your device. You can change wallpaper easily and etc.

get sinful iphone repo in cydia

As the IOs was developing, the interest was raised in Cydia applications. For example last iOS update was few months ago and was released IOS 8 version, so the community of Cydia was raised and exceeded 300K users. As we stated above Cydia gives unlimited possibilities for the users of IOs. You should foresee the fact that Cydia have lots of different repositories. So you have to choose the right and go for it.

There are lots of repositories, but one of them is definitely the best one. This repository is called the sinful. It is one of the best repo right now because it includes the applications which very hard to find. For example iPhone sinful repo includes game applications which have only paid versions and by this specific Cydia repo you can download them for free. As the experts and the developers advice you is that after you jailbreak you should get Cydia and afterwards you should stick to sinful source. As the experts state this is the most powerful community which united more than 300K users.  It is one of a largest repository where you can search and download lots of applications for example games app, or app which will improve your productivity. In fact this applications are paid versions but after you jailbreak and search for “sinful”, you can download all of them for free.

Installing and Downloading Sinful Repo in Cydia enabled iPhone

As you see sinful is one of the greatest collections of cracked apps and has lots of additional features. For example you can change the whole interface of your iPhone which should be already Jailbroken. As you install sinful then you have unlimited possibilities. Here we will provide you with the instruction, how to manage sinful. Let’ go:

  1. First of all you should jailbreak your IOS device. But foresee the fact that after Jailbreaking your iPhone will eliminate your warranty period. The fact that jailbreak gives iPhone users chance to download unlimited applications for free, is the most attractive. So as you have jailbroken device then you have unlimited possibilities.
  2.  Second is that you have to install Cydia on iPhone, iPad and other Apple device. In fact as you jailbreak your device, you can automatically install Cydia. As we stated above It  is the most powerful application  which includes lots of communities that contains thousands of applications.
  3.   Last step is to download and then manage sinful via Cydia. You just have to go to Cydia application then tap on manage and select source section. As the source section is opened you can edit it and add sinful iPhone repo. That’s all, everything is installed and now you have to full repo of sinful.

As you see sinful repo is the leading community which includes lots of cracked applications and it is very easy to setup. After installing this applications you have unlimited possibilities. You can access applications for free.