The evolution of the iPhone or iOS was always welcomed with open arms by the community but since the launch of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 things got a little bit complicated for some developers. That’s because some of the apps and tweaks won’t work on the new operating system or will not support the new screen of iPhone 5. With that being said after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad you may wonder what path to take. The first one is the longest and most painful, that is to download and install every package that is caught by your interest or you can take the short route by checking some of the ready-made lists.

Best 10 Cydia Apps to Download for iOS 6 and iOS 7

There are a lot of these lists but if you are looking to download best cydia apps the following list will present you the best choice of packages that you can install on your iDevice in 2015.

1. AdBlocker – it’s the perfect tool to block ads. So from now on if you have this app installed you can use your device safely without being interrupted by ads.

adblocker cydia theme

Source: BigBoss Price: $1.99.

2. LockInfo – is the perfect app for those users who like and need to get notifications in their lock screen like weather, emails and messages.

Source: Price: $7.99.

3. Dreamboard – With this you can change the appearance of you device. In other words it’s a theme manager. It also has Endroid that will make your iPhone have that Android look. It also has the possibility to restart Springboard.

Source: Price: Free

4. Dashboard X 2.0 – is that app that brings widgets to your home screen. You can add a wide variety of widgets. If you are curious here are a few of what you can find, music players, clocks, calendars, weather.

Source: Price $1.99.

5. iBlacklist – one of the things that every iPhone lacks is a blacklist. iBlacklist can block any call or message.

iblacklist theme

Source: BigBoss Price: $12.

6. biteSMS – takes the messaging experience to a new level. You will have a huge variety of options like Quick Compose, Quick Reply, Auto Forward, Smileys and many more.

Source: BigBoss Price: Free

7. Stride – brings that android pattern lock alike. Instead of having that dull lock screen why not have a pattern to unlock your screen, the pattern can be simple or complex.

stride cydia

Source: BigBoss Price: $3.57.

8. CyDelete – without any hassle with this app you can remove any cydia app from SpringBoard. You can do this by holding down the icon of your app that you want to uninstall until it starts to wiggle then by tapping the x button you start removing your app.


Source: BigBoss Price: Free

9. Activator – is one of my favorites. With it you can toggle or launch any app just by making a gesture.

Source: BigBoss Price: Free

10. FullForce – if you have an iPhone 5 some of the apps will not run on the entire screen of you device, well for just $0.99 you can see any app running in full screen.

Source: BigBoss Price: $0.99

Each and Every Cydia apps in this list its worth trying even though some of them are not free.