Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or any other iDevice is one of the best things that ever happen. So by doing this you get the possibility to install third party apps and packages that Apple doesn’t and will not approve. Along with this you can have the possibility to I install well known paid apps for free via packages or distribution platforms. One of the highly used platforms is Installous. But sadly Installous was closed and a lot of users were desperate in finding a good substitute.

Top Installous Alternatives to Download :-

Today on this wonderful date September 10th I’m going to present you my list of Install substitutes. Please, Click on the download button given here to start downloading top most available alternatives. You need to follow few steps to initial the download process.


AppCake is the first and closest to Installous in terms of usage so will have no problems finding your way this app. In order for this to work you will need to have installed on your iDevice AppSync available in hackulo.us repo. In order to install AppCake you just need to add the following repo to Cydia http://cydia.iphonecake.com.


Another alternative is IPAStore is more like an interface for http://ipastore.me which will let you browse or find, download and install your app. You can get this by adding this repo into cydia. With this you can also browse your apps using the categories. It can also provide you with information like New updates, Featured apps and many more. Like AppCake this is AppSync dependent.

Another one similar to Installous is vShare with the same resources. This will give you the possibility to install any app with one click. As the other mentioned before it has AppSync dependencies. If you want to install it just add this repo http://repocydis.com.

Even though this one is also AppSync dependent it has a more search engine approach where you can find indexed ipa files if you want to install this just follow the instructions here http://app.appaddict.org/.

The following platform is a strange one because it can run on devices that are jailbroken and non-jailbroken. For the non-jailbroken devices it is required to have an apple developer account. As for jailbroken devices same story as other platforms you can install any kind of app including unsigned ipa files.vshare

If you don’t not know how to add a repository to cydia no need to worry just use these simple steps:

Last but not least is the iFanbux which can truly replace the Installous. Its helpful for transferring files on iOS device on Mac and Windows. You can install IPA file and cracked apps directly on your iPhone using that. After news of Installous shutting down, reputation of iFanbux truly increase.

In Cydia tap Manage section then tap Sources continuing with Edit then hit Add. No input your desired repo and hit Add Source.

Even though today we will see the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C it won’t be long till we see them jailbroken and running these Installous alternatives.