If you have not heard of Hay Day, then you must be living under a rock (or maybe, you’re just not into the whole ‘app’ thing). So, for those who are unfamiliar with Hay Day, basically, it is a farming game, that is designed to work on Apple’s iOS operating system (meaning iPhone, iPad etc). It was developed by a company called Supercell, who generate in excess of $30 million per month from just two of their games (Hay Day being one of them).

In 2013, Hay Day was the 4th highest game, in terms of revenue generated, worldwide. The game became so popular with iOS users, that Supercell also released a version that can be downloaded on Android phones too. If you have not heard of Hay Day, then you must be living under a rock (or maybe, you’re just not into the whole ‘app’ thing).

The basic principle of the game, is that your uncle owns a farm that he is now unable to take care of. So he asks you to take over the farm, and you need to figure out how to run it. You can earn money (coins and diamonds) by selling things at a roadside shop, and then use those coins to purchase other materials. Also, you can earn XP’s (Experience Points). These are used to get yourself to the next level, and each time you reach a new level, your XP’s revert back to 0.

best cydia sources to earn hay day diamond

One of the pitfalls of this game though, is that it is very addictive, and if you happen to get too addicted to it, and want to get up a level quicker, you can pay real money for ‘coins’ (or diamonds) in the game, rather than mucking around trying to earn them. And this is where the company makes their money.

How to get diamond in Hay Day using Cydia Sources?

The guy named Jay Freeman has a company called Cydia, which can provide you with software to be able to get unlimited diamonds and coins for Hay Day. Cydia itself is an app that can do an incredible amount of things. However, you can’t just download it and start using it. You see, it is not actually available in the Apple AppStore. You need to actually ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Jailbreak essentially means that you need to have administrative rights to your product. If you don’t know how to do it, I would suggest that you find some one who can do it, as if you get it wrong, you could easily break your device.

So, once you have Jailbroken your device, downloaded Cydia and got it up and running, it is a simple matter of using the search function within Cydia, to search for what you are looking for, which in this case, is the Hay Day Diamond Hack. It really is as simple as that, and then enjoying playing Hay Day without any worries. You will find lots of working sources, application and cool tweaks in that.

One of the great things about this game is that there are communities. So, if you happen to be making something, but don’t have all the materials, then you can buy, sell or trade with another farmer, so that you both come out better off, and manage to complete your orders. So, just like real life business, you have orders that you need to fulfill. This game is a really fantastic way for people to be able to understand what happens in the real world of business.

This is how, you can earn diamonds in Hay Day game using Cydia tweaks and sources. Post your comments in case of any questions or queries.