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How to fix ssl error 9807 in your iPhone

Аррlе rеlеаsеd іОЅ 6.1.6 аnd іОЅ 7.0,6 оn Frіdау, whісh fіхеs а mајоr ЅЅL 9807 bug fоund іn оnе оf Аррlе’s ЅЅL/ТLЅ lіbrаrу thаt соuld lеt hасkеrs іntеrсерt аnd mоdіfу уоur dаtа ...

How to download torrents on iPhone

It would be quite frustrating, that you are heavy torrent user and your iPhone can’t download torrent file due to iPhone restrictions. Apple doesn’t allow its iPhone users to install ...

BigBoss – No.1 Cydia Repo/Source

With all those tutorials on the web jailbreaking an iDevice never been easier. You just simply get you’re the appropriate tool for your firmware version and hardware. This process usually ...