With all those tutorials on the web jailbreaking an iDevice never been easier. You just simply get you’re the appropriate tool for your firmware version and hardware. This process usually takes 5 to 10 min. After that all those Apple limitations are removed. As a bonus you will get a third-party app installer platform called Cydia. You can compare Cydia to App Store, but the first mentioned is more than the last one, because here you can find apps that never touched the ground of App Store. You can find also other packages like tweaks, themes and many more. From other perspective you can also say that cydia is a lifesaver for developers who did not have the chance to see their creations published or do not want to have something with App Store.


All those things about Cydia wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t for repositories. Repos act like a list or should I say catalog of packages from specific groups. One of the most important cydia sources that I use is BigBoss. Beside the fact that is well-known for the diversity of tweaks, apps, themes this repo is considered to be the number one repository. This source is preinstalled after jailbreaking but if you find that is missing there two ways to add this source. First solutions is less of a hassle we will need to open cydia then in the home screen tap More Package Sources the find in the list BigBoss and install it. The other way is much longer but not that complicated. In the platform go to Manage Tab > Sources > Edit Button > Add Button > input http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/ > Add Source Button. Now you can benefit from all those packages. Here you can find interesting apps like iBlacklist which from my perspective this one of the must have apps for every jailbroken iPhone. Another reason is Winterboard which can help you customize the appearance of your device. This short list can continue with Folder Enhancer, Flashlight.

For me the main reason for jailbreaking was because of BigBoss and all those things you can find. Because of that huge volume of apps and tweaks the only thing you need to have is time and patience to test them. You can also check other important repositories like ModMyi source http://apt.modmyi.com, Insanelyi source http://repo.insanelyi.com, iHacks source http://ihacksrepo.com.

If you haven’t done it yet give jailbreak a try.