If you are looking for some good Cydia tweaks and iOS 8 application for Call Recorder related activity then we have collected best rated apps for you. You just need to install that on your Apple iDevice to start using them for your regular usage.

As you now there was update of IOs. Now users of iPhone can access all the features of IOs 8. Few weeks there was problem because it was really hard to jailbreak new device version but good thing is that now you can jailbreak your device without any obstacles. After jailbreak you can download and install any application you want if it is cracked. As you know Cydia is the most powerful application which can be installed only through jailbreak. With Cydia you can access huge collection of cracked applications for free and this is the most addictive thing about Cydia. As we stated above the newest update of IOs became very successful and this release was soon followed by jailbreak. One of the most popular applications is definitely call recorder and newest version of jailbreak made chance to download few applications which are specially for recording your outgoing and incoming calls.

In fact recording outgoing and incoming call was the main feature of Android device and IOs was always lacking from this feature. But after few years IOs developed its own call recorder. It was always problem to crack this application because it has some protected features. But you should foresee the fact that after releasing last IOs 8, it soon was followed by few voice call recorder.

Top rated Call Recorder Tweaks and Apps for Cydia

Nowadays there are lots of call recorders which are performing well on IOS. And you can also access this applications for free if you jailbreak your device. Here we will provide with few call recorder applications which can be downloaded and installed for free on Cydia. Below are some highly popular application that you should think to have on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Call Log Pro for IPHONE
This is one of the perfect call recording application which is cracked and could be accessed by Cydia. This applications works perfectly when your Wi-Fi network is strong. In fact there were few problems with 3G, but it was rare cases and after new update all the problems were solved. You should foresee the fact that call log pro applications works only with mobile phone numbers which are registered in United States. As you may know, there are lots of repos in Cydia so you have elect right one, which contains call recorder applications. Downloading and installing these applications is very easy. You just have to find Call Log Pro in Cydia and install on your phone. It is very easy to use. You just have to open this application and start recording your outgoing or incoming calls. As you see this applications is very easy and it has user friendly interface.

top call recorder cydia app

Google Voice
This application was first optimized for only android Smartphone but after few months, developers of this beautiful application optimized it for IOs devices. In fact this application is full of creative features and there were not lots of people who did not know this hidden feature of this application. You just have to access Cydia and search for Google voice. After finding it you can download application and start using its creative features. By this cracked app you can record outgoing and incoming calls.  Foresee the fact that in order to use this application you have to create Google account. In a word this is the perfect app for recording outgoing and incoming calls.

This app is one of the best, with which you can record your calls. In fact this app has beautiful and user friendly interface which makes it easier to access and use. You can record outgoing and incoming calls without any obstacles. This application was one of the last which was cracked by few jailbreak and Cydia communities.

As you see there are lots of call recording applications in Cydia that you can easily download and install it for free. You just have to search for right source from where you can download call recording applications.