VoIP is a way for you to make regular phone calls, but using the internet instead of regular phone lines. It has been with us for much longer than the iPhone or smartphones themselves, but what would be the best app to make VoIP calls?

It is no secret for anyone that every app store or market out there is full of applications that provide pretty much the same service: instant messaging and free calls. And although most of them are insanely popular (WhatsApp, Skype, Line) they do not always have all the features one would expect.

It would be easy to assume that FaceTime is the best VoIP app for iPhone, but while it does the work quite well among iOS devices, it is not precisely the best or the most complete one.

If you are an iPhone user then you are probably already familiar with FaceTime. This built-in app allows all iPhone users send messages and make free calls. It is very easy to use, you simply look up the contact you want to call, tap on it and instead of choosing the standard voice call, you just have to choose FaceTime and that’s it.

Sure, calls will last, they will have a great quality and it will mean no extra charges on your bill. However, (and here is the downside) it works only between iPhone users, so if you were trying to reach a friend who has an Android or a Windows Phone then stop trying and switch immediately to an application that will definitely rule your world.

Meet: Viber


Viber is a multiplatform VoIP app, which means it works smoothly on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With this you can send messages, pictures, voice notes, share your location, make groups that can take up to 100 friends even send some awesome stickers and all of it for free!

You are probably thinking that this is nothing different from what you have seen before, but unlike Line, for example, Viber does not require any registration. It works only with your phone number and you can talk to your friends by adding their number to your Contact list or by scanning their QR code.

It may seem boring that you can only contact those friends who also have Viber installed on their phones, but once you think about it, it really means no trouble at all. With FaceTime for example, you cannot even think about looking for it if you are working on an Android device, but with Viber it does not even matter if you have iPhone and your friend has Android. You can still text and call to gossip about how awesome last summer was and how quick it went by.

Don’t have a data plan? Don’t worry. You can work perfectly with your Wi-Fi, once again, Viber only requires internet connection and if you allow it, it will run quietly in the background, letting you get your messages and calls just in time.

Probably one of the greatest features and certainly the most useful is that you do not have to unlock your phone to send a quick reply when you receive a message, but if these features still don’t convince you. Don’t worry, you will still have all of the things you are already used to like sending smileys, pictures, location and even changing the background of the conversation.