The Cydia is the best and most efficient way of downloading and installing various interesting apps and tweaks on your iOS device. VS2QVQJ2F99D ,But before doing this the device must undergo through jailbreak procedure. But after installing Cydia, users get confused of what apps/games/tweaks they should install and from where they can get the apps. The simple solution is to go to the Manage section and add some Cydia sources so that you can download the desired Cydia app.

top 10 cydia tweaks you must have

Top 10 Must have 2015 Cydia Tweaks for you :-

  1. IntelliScreenX:  It is the best tweak for the uses who love the Notification Center as IntelliScreenX improves the Notification Center. The app makes reading messages and other notifications very easy and pleasant. It lets you set up pages for your Mail, Facebook or Twitter account. By using this tweak, you will be able to add the notification center to the lockscreen of your device.

  1. SBSettings: It is a very popular tweak in the Cydia market for last few years. It is a widely used app which runs on iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7. It helps your iOS device work faster by placing short-cut icons for your frequently used settings such as Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, Brightness adjustment etc.

  2. Activator: Using this tweak you can set a custom gesture to launch the tweak of your preference such as adjust your brightness, change songs, turn on/off Bluetooth, lockscreen, etc. It makes much easier to operate the iOS Device.

  1. Zephyr: The Zephyr is a very funky tweak which enables the multitasking bar by simply swiping up the screen from bottom to the top. In addition you can switch between different apps by simply sliding the screen from left to right or right to left. It has other so many gestures such as swipe up to close application etc.

  2. AirBlue Sharing : The AirBlue Sharing is one of the coolest Cydia tweak that works very good on iPhone 4 or 5. The tweak offers in built Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi sharing, high-speed file transfer, and many more which can be done with Bluetooth technology at a higher speed.

  1. Infinifolder:  Normally your iPhone or iPad can accommodate maximum 9 apps in a folder. But the Infinifolder resolves this issue for you. By installing this app you can have as many apps as you want in a folder.

  1. BiteSMS: This app is very useful for the frequent SMS users. This tweak contains a lot of interesting and useful features for texting from your iPhone. The feature list includes Quick Compose, Quick Reply, Passcode Lock, Templates management, add Signatures to your SMS, Scheduled SMS, and many more other SMS related features.

  2. iFile:  The iFile is a superb file-explorer tweak for your iOS Device. It lets you access and edit any file on your device. But before editing any file you must be careful as it may cause any problem to your device. You can view the file-system with file details such as permissions.

  1. Dashboard X: The Dashboard X is a famous Cydia tweak having lots of beautiful widgets which can be added to your home screen. It allows adding Notification Center widgets or Dashboard X specific widgets on your SpringBoard (Home screen).

  2. RecognizeMe: The RecognizeMe is a tweak which uses biometric security to protect your iOS Device. So you don’t have to use or remember digital passcode to open the device, instead you have to go through the facial recognition. The RecognizeMe first captures your photo and matches it every time you want to open the device.

I occasionally modify these must have Cydia Tweaks list 2015, So you should keep checking it to be updated. Please share your views by commenting here.