Whenever you want to download an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you know the App Store is the place you should be heading to. But OpenAppMkt is here to serve as an alternative for you to get free apps on your device without having to jailbreak it, or use a computer.

Believe it or not, the App Store was not present since the first iPhone showed up to the world. Sure, that first iPhone was a great innovation for its time, but it was also very limited when compared to later releases since there was only a small set of apps to use that came with the phone already.

However, the original iPhone did count with Safari, so you could browse any website almost as if you were on your computer. This led many developers to start creating optimized ‘apps’ to run within the web browser, which quickly made this first iPhone much more appealing for everyone. A little later on, the App Store was introduced to the iPhone and developers started creating the actual apps that we’re used to by now. But what happened with all the web apps that were already created and worked great? That’s when OpenAppMkt shows to the party.

OpenAppMkt Apps

How does OpenAppMkt work?

Just as the App Store is the place for you to get apps, you can think of OpenAppMkt as the place for you to get web apps. All you have to do is to open your mobile browser and go to OpenAppMkt’s website. Once there, you will basically have a directory where you’ll be able to browse for any app that you can think of. Once you find something you may fancy, you just open it and tap on Get it. Now, you’ll be able to place a shortcut to the ‘application’ on your home screen. The trick here is that when you tap on this ‘app’, you’ll actually be using a web page that looks exactly like a mobile app.

Some Reasons to use OpenAppMkt

There are many advantages for using web apps when compared to regular apps, but here are the top reasons to use OpenAppMkt:

Get Cydia without Jailbreaking: If you want to get Cydia without Jailbreaking, then OpenAppMkt is the solution. I already wrote one article covering all the steps. Unfortunately, it’s not possible with all iOS version and it works only for iOS 7, 6.1.x.

Cost: Most of these apps are absolutely free to use. This way, you won’t have to worry if you don’t want to spend your money on just some random app from the App Store.

Supported devices: Another plus, is that many of these web apps will work on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch even your computer or an Android device, and you don’t need to worry about versions or screen sizes, since it is your browser the one that handles everything for you.

Apps run on any iOS version: Are you running iOS 7? 8? What if you have an old iPod touch that you love so much but works on iOS 5? Well, don’t get rid of it since it doesn’t matter! With OpenAppMkt you don’t have to worry about an app going “Only for iOS 8″ or anything like that, since these apps will work on any iOS version.

They require no space: If your device is running low on memory, don’t even worry. Using web apps from OpenAppMkt does not require any additional space from your device since they run on the web browser. Just install and run. Now you can use those extra Gigs to save some more music or movies on iDevice.

Get rid of apps just as easily as you get them: Are you done trying a new app and want to get it off your device? To uninstall any app just keep it pressed and delete it.

No viruses, no computer or hacking skills required: Finally, just for the same last reason, by using the web apps listed at OpenAppMkt, you’re not exposing your device to any threat, you don’t need to transfer anything from your computer and last, you don’t even have to go through a jailbreaking process and end up losing the warranty on your device.

So next time you’re in a hurry, running low on memory, or using a friend’s device, or simply don’t want to have to purchase an app just to get something done, head up to OpenAppMkt and browse for a web app. Chances are you’ll find just what you need.