Apple’s app store currently has around 750k apps, and this number most probably will go to 1 million in next few months. Then we could have to pick some apps from 1 million apps.

So out of so many apps, how would you choose top 6 must have apps for iPhone which fills your home screen and help to carry out your daily life activities? It might be a daunting experience to choose your top 6 must have apps for your iPhone.

First of all, you need to define ‘must have’ apps for you. There are so many must have apps you probably have downloaded as you are aware of their benefits. Let us take some pretty obvious apps out of the must have apps list like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

1. Google Maps

You will already have iPhone official ‘maps’ app, but if you want an app that can address all your mapping needs fully, then you must get Google Maps app in your iPhone. IPhone’s official maps app has been known to cause navigation problems, which people cannot deal with due to shortage of time and lack of patience. Let me make it even simpler for you, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook himself told people to install Google Maps.

Google maps

2. Dashlane

If you love online shopping, Dashlane is the must have app for you. This app automatically saves your payment and shopping history. It enables its users to track record of online spending and help in saving and finding receipts of online shopping. Dashlane is free to download and use and it also offers premium features which is worth getting if you always prefer online shopping.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox app is among top 6 must have iPhone apps. Although these days there are so many cloud services available, but Dropbox is still on top of this list because of its great compatibility with almost all platforms. Dropbox enables its users to save and view their files across multiple devices like desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones and iPhone as long as they have internet access. Another great cloud storage service is Google Drive you are also well familiar of.

4. Spotify

The best music app available in the market is Spotify. Spotify delivers the best premium experience to its users. By offering a large collection of songs and a huge friend’s network, Spotify stays on top of the list of all music apps. Although this app itself is free, but to access your play list you have to get premium version. Having a premium version, you can listen your playlists offline which makes the monthly fee highly acceptable.

5. Remote

The remote app allows you to control iTunes on Apple TV and your computer. It has every feature of a remote you may want like Volume control, gesture control for Apple TV, controlling Airplay speakers, updating playlists and accessing shared libraries.

6. SwiftKey

It is the last app in the list of top 6 must have apps for iPhone. One great update for iOS 8 users is the ability to install custom keyboards, and SwiftKey is the one which should be tried first of all. On Android devices, SwiftKey is reliable and we believe it will have great success on iPhone too. This smart keyboards learns the way you type and your mostly used keywords and phrases and it constantly keeps on adopting your style in order to predict what you are going to type and gives you useful predictions when you are typing on it.