You don’t need to be a tech expert to jailbreak your iPhone, in fact, nowadays this is such a stable procedure you can even do it without using a computer to boot up your device.

For starters, jailbreaking is a way for you to enable extra features on you iOS device and even get to install free apps that otherwise you’d have to pay for.

There are several ways to jailbreak your iDevice, and some of them require you to use a computer everytime you reboot it.

However, as time has passed, more reliable methods have caught up and now some of them allow you to use your jailbroken device without having to use a computer, these are known as “untethered jailbreak” methods.

Which tools do I need to jailbreak my device?

There are several tools that you can use to perform an untethered jailbreak, but perhaps three of the most recognized and supported today are: evasi0n, p0sixspwn and Pangu. Any of these tools, you can download and run on your PC or Mac, and once they are installed on your device, they will be able to run without using the computer. Of course, you will also need your device and its USB cable to connect to the computer the first (and only) time.


Great, how do I start jailbreaking my device?

Any of the applications above will work almost identically, so these next steps apply for all of them:

  • Regardless of which tool you use, the first thing that you must do is to backup your device using iTunes, for instance. This is very important because jailbreaking voids its warranty, however, if something goes wrong (not that it will, just to be safe) you can later use this backup to restore your device. if you have already backed up the device, you’re good to go.
  • Download the proper version of evasi0n, p0sixspwn or Pangu for you computer. Each site will show you a link for their Mac or Windows version.
  • Connect your device to the computer and install and run the program you downloaded. Windows users must make sure you right-click on the program and select Run as an administrator.
  • As you run the program with your device connected, you will see a Jailbreak button on it, just click it and the jailbreaking process will start. Your device will restart several times, it is absolutely normal. If you decided to use Pangu, you will be asked to set your device’s date to June 2nd manually on the iOS Settings, after you do this, the process will continue.
  • After the device restarts and the jailbreak process continues, you will be able to see a new app on your home screen called Cydia, as soon as you see it just open it. Again, Cydia will be “preparing your filesystem” and the device will continue to reboot.
  • After Cydia is done working, the device will be ready to use only then, you should unplug your iOS device from the computer and that’s it! Now you have a jailbroken device with many new options, tweaks and apps to try.

Will it work on my iPad / iPod / iPhone?

If you happen to be using iOS 8 then you may want to wait a little longer since it may not be supported yet. Other than that, every single one of the tools mentioned above supports different iDevices and iOS versions. Since these are some of the best known application to jailbreak, you will have no problem using them on most iOS devices!