Since its release APPLE has publicized iOS 8 as the biggest update from the beginning of iPhone and considering the numerous applications that have been accompanied by the framework this most certainly seems true.

But what is also true is the fact that it might also be the biggest in terms of the myriad of errors and issues some concerning frequent battery drain and flawed Wi-Fi while others like BSOD (blue screen of death), double status bar, healthkit bug etc.

The social networking websites like twitter, Facebook etc. have been swamped by the pleas of the users and angry critics which more or less seems right on the point. There are threads as long as 20 on apple support forum on which people have listed their dissatisfaction regarding the rapid battery drainage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues complaining that even after multiple reboots the devices are not working as per the expectation. So below are some accounts on the battery and Wi-Fi issues:

1. Battery issues

iOS 8 battery problem

As I said above there are a lot of issues with iOS 8 that are causing tumult among the idevice users but the one problem that is found unanimously among all the people who have upgraded to iOS 8 from ios 7 is the battery drainage.

Apple support forums are raided with complaints regarding the rapid discharge of batteries some say that before upgrading the battery once completely charged used the hold on for one whole day even while playing games, texting etc. but now the same battery is asking for a recharge after a mere of 4-5 hours with minimal usage.

A thread of almost 19000 views and 60 replies was created on MacRumors forum. What has worsened this rapid battery drainage problem is that apple has in its latest iteration embedded a no. of applications that are notable power suckers and the company has made these features its tagline to promote the operating system.

A similar problem has also reared up in some of the iphone6 and 6+ though the no. of cases is lesser in comparison with the people who have updated the OS in their devices.

2. WIFI issues

Apart from the battery issues other major that has prevented iOS 8 from being a smooth roll-out is the sluggish Wi-Fi network. Many users have discovered frequent drops in the Wi-Fi connection from their home or office Wi-Fi that just started after they upgraded to iOS 8.

The Wi-Fi speed tests before and after upgrading have a huge rift between them for both upload and download speeds. Similar irregularities have been seen for various iPad users after over the air upgrade.

Some users on apple support forums complained that without moving the Wi-Fi signals go from no connection to full connection. At times Wi-Fi sweetspots record speed to be 0 when the signal strength is maximum, immediately jumping to 58 mbps a user reported.

There are people experiencing problem of full Wi-Fi connectivity but no functionality. Internet has been swamped with websites teaching how to solve this Wi-Fi issue but most of them either don’t work at all or only works for some special cases and users have been left at the mercy of reboots hoping that APPLE would come up quickly with some update that can resolve this problem.