AirDrop is the latest feature introduced by Apple. By Installing and enabling AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can share files locally with other iOS users.

If you’re OS X users then AirDrop may sounds familiar for you as its already been there on Macs to help users to share with other Mac users with simple drag and drop. It is important to note that you can not share or exchange file from MAC to iOS, Its totally different thing.

AirDrop needs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work quickly and effectively. AirDrop allow users of any iOS ( iOS 7, iOS 6 or later version ) to quickly beam files from their iPhone, iPad or iPod over a secure connection.

AirDrop is currently working for few supported devices including iPhone 5 or later, iPad min, iPad 4th Generation and iPod touch 5th generation.

enable and install ios 7 airdrop

How to Install AirDrop on iDevice?

Step 1 :-   Head over to your home screen and launch Cydia.

Step 2 :-  Tap on Manage under Cydia home then click Add Source

Step 3 :-  Type

Step 4 :-  Search “Airdrop” under that.

If you don’t trust and don’t want to bother with them then alternatively you can install AirDrop iOS 7 from xsellize repo too. Just install xsellize source on your Cydia enabled Apple smartphone.  Fortunately users having unsupported device like iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 4S can now take benefit of AirDrop features with the help of latest tweak by xsellize.  Its called AirDrop Enabler iOS 7.0+ tweak and user must have Cydia installed on their device to use this tweak.

How to enable iOS 7 AirDrop for iPhone / iPad / iPod?

In order to use AirDrop, You first need to enable that from Control Center. You’ll be provided two option at the time of enabling that. Everyone or Contacts Only. They are the option to set limitation that who can send your files using AirDrop.

Everyone will allow anybody to see your device at the time of viewing sharing sheet and share your content. Everyone need to have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop enabled.

Contacts Only option allow only certain fellow iOS users who found in your Contact app and must have setup each other as contact in iCould account.

  1. Slide your finger from bottom bezel of iDevice up onto the screen, to bring up Control Center.
  2. Now Tap or click on AirDrop icon.
  3. Choose either “Everyone” or “Contacts Only” option based on your requirement.
  4. Done. Now you can easily and quickly share video, photos, music and other files with your friend.

As stated earlier that, Before tapping AirDrop please make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled and active on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Notes :-

When someone tries to send your files make sure that screen is turn on. Many time AirDrop don’t find other device if the screen is off. Once the system detects you it will be promoted a message to accept or deny file transfer. Once the process of transfer completed the corresponding app will automatically open by displaying the received item.

Still don’t have iOS 7 AirDrop enabled on your smartphone? Give it try and share your experience by commenting here.