How to jailbreak iOS 8 and download Cydia

iOS 8 is the latest launch of Apple. It is advance compared to the previous versions. It provides different kinds of features and apps that will enable you to do stuffs.

Before you come to know about the process, you need to know about the risks and penalties also you should check that you have all the required things. The jailbreak process is essential to understand first before proceeding. As each day pass by, Apple is creating a new iOS, which is hard to jailbreak. But here you can find the process on how to jailbreak your phone and also download the Cydia software. Cydia app is a giant platform which is used to download different types of themes, apps and etc. It can be said that the Cydia is an alternate Apple App store. This app is not supported by the Apple App store and to be precise it is not legal also. So, if you want to go through the jail break process then get ready to cut all your links with the Apple Company. You will be on your own after your phone go through thejailbreak process.

The jailbreaking iOS is used to ignore the limitations and restrictions offered in iOS 8. With the help of this process, users can download different apps, themes and extension which are not available in the Apple App store. If you have already gone through the process then you can access the Apple App store. Apple has announced that any phone, which will go through the jailbreaking, will not have the benefit of the warranty service. But you should not worry about that, as doing so your phone won’t in trouble. Till now millions of people have successfully jailbreak and millions using it for their Apple device.

download cydia with ios 8 jailbreak

Before giving you the steps, let know tell you that you will need internet connection, valid working Apple device with Wi-fi availability and your PC.

How to Download Cydia with iOS 8 Jailbreak?

  1. First you need to open the Safari app in your iOS and then process to
  2. Once the loading is complete you need to slide where it says “slide to jailbreak”. After you select this option, the phone will download some data. After the downloading process is complete it will show “jailbreaking. Sit tight”.
  3. Once the process gets completed, you will find that the Cydia icon is installed in your phone. After the icon is displayed on your home screen select the option.
  4. After that you need to select the manage option. Then you need to select the Source option.
  5. Now, you need to select Edit and then Add. After that you have to enter the Cydia URL, which is You will then be provided with a warning message but select the “Add anyway” option.
  6. After that you need to select the User option (Graphical only) and then you have to choose App sync that you want. You need to select the third option and then your jailbreak process is complete.

Congratulation! You have successfully completed Jailbreak of iOS8 with the installation of Cydia too. If you have any kind queries or question you can post by commenting here. I will try to reply back with most satisfactory answer.