How to get Pokemon on iPhone without jailbreak

Many of you might have tried to play the most pleasing games played in school days such as PokemonFireRed, Pokemon Emerald, Super Mario and many more such ever joyful games on your iPhone but it looks like a tough job. This is because Apple doesn’t provide any authorized (GameBoy Advance) GBA emulator to play such games on iPhone or similar iDevices. But do not worry! We have found a solution for this and the best thing about it is you do not need to Jailbreak your iPhone as it cancels the warranty of your iPhone.

pokemon game on iphone no jailbreak

According to surveys, Today almost 50% of total users of iPhone hand on game for at least once in a month. This is big number but many time you can’t find game of your choice and that is available for other OS. If you want such in your Apple device then you would require to Jailbreak that, but people still afraid to do so, as it cancels iPhone Warranty. But, still you can play your favorite games without any issues.

Steps to Get Pokemon Game on iPhone without Jailbreak :-

Please follow the simple steps given below to start playing Pokemon on your iPhone:

  1. First of all download Nds4ios emulator from the following link:

  1. Now install the Nds4ios using stable OTA (Over The Air).
  2. As the installation is started, turn on the “Set Automatically” option.
  3. A popup will appear with a message “GitHub would like to install”.
  4. Click OK button and the installation will be completed after some time.
  5. Now you have to download ROM to play the games.
  6. Open this app. You will see a + button at the top right corner.
  7. Tap the button to add ROM from the website:

Almost done! Now you can browse games by different categories. Select your favorite game from the list. So, This is the alternative way to get all kind of games on iPhone, iPad and iPod without Jailbreaking. But if you have already Jailbreak your Apple device then you no need to download emulator to get game on that, Simply browse the default repo like Modmyi, BigBoss, xsellize and search for that game of your choice. If you still don’t find game like Pokemon on that you can download alternative of Installous. If you don’t able to find any then you should checkout out previous post about such helpful alternatives like Appcake, iPAstore and vShare.

Let’s get back to the Non-jailbreak condition, Nds4iOS is a great place for playing games like Pokemon and Super Mario etc. It offers following features:

  • A wide range of games with super attractive GUI.
  • You can save your gamepoint through DropBox.
  • Super fast and easy to operate with any device.
  • You can play games in any orientations and environments.
  • Gives you real feel without any glitches and errors.

So enjoy the interesting games that remind you the old school days with the easy trick. Try installing Nds4iOS and download your favorite games (Pokemon) without jailbreaking iPhone and share your experiences here. If you face any problems then let us know by comments. Enjoy playing!