How to download iFile on iPhone without Jailbreak

iPhone is a very useful Smartphone for everyone because it contains all the features and compatibility with other application. However, people want to use different applications for iPhone that Apple does not allow because the Apple Company is totally against the piracy that is the reason why they have made this product restricted. But you no need to worry as we find one tool named ifile that allows people to install all the application on their iPhone. You can easily download any song, movie, anything that you want to use through the file. It is the same kind of thing like Cydia.

Apple don’t allow to have iFile application without Cydia but you can still it get with one tweak given here. Here is the simple process to install the ifile in the iPhone without the Cydia. Usually, the file remains paid application that people cannot download without buying it. Thus, you can find some crack or free version of the i-File. Please follow the steps given below to get iFile on your device.

  1. Move your iPhone browser and type this url
  2. When you find something is promoting on your screen, then add it.
  3. Install oenappmkt application and search for the ifile on that application.
  4. Choose the Ifile software from that application and install it into your iPhone. Congratulation! You have successfully got iFile without following any Jailbreak method.

ifile installation and downloading

These are the few simple steps to get it without Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you want more easy and simply process then you can go with Cydia method. Simply search for the ifile in the Cydia and you will see this application in list of apps then click on Install button to get it on your iDevice. ifile allow you to download the different music file, ringtones and movie. After having it on your Apple device you can easily hear the best music for FREE. Usually the Cydia remains paid application and required money for buying that application. Thus, you can find free crack application online because there are many websites available how provide this sort of free application so that they could become famous online.

Here are the simple steps through which you can download ifile with Cydia application.

  1. Before following below steps make sure you have Cydia app installed on your iDevice.
  2. Launch the Cydia application by tapping on its icon.
  3. Then locate the search bar and type “iFile” and click Search button.
  4. It will give you list of related apps and under search page you will get ifile mostly on 1st spot.
  5. Click on that and download it on your iPhone or other Apple device.
  6. After downloading it, it’s time to install that. Entire process won’t take more than few seconds. Once you have successfully installed it you can open it and enjoy everything that you want to run on the IPhone.

These are the simple few steps through which you would become able to download and install the ifile on your Apple device. In case of any question or query you can contact us by commenting here. If you face any error or issue then you should contact us.