Wouldn’t it be absolutely great if each user was able to choose which apps to keep on his or her phone and when to delete them? Unfortunately, in most cases, that isn’t an option. You can blame it on your carrier, or even on Apple itself, but there is always a workaround and here’s how to hide those obnoxious apps on your iPhone.

The easiest way to hide apps on iPhone is to drag all the applications you want to hide to a separate screen and just leave them there. It is easy because all you have to do is tap on them and drag them to the last screen and hopefully you will forget they ever existed. However they will still be installed on your iPhone.

The second option will delete the icon completely from your screen and app drawer, yes, just the icon, the app will still be installed and you can use it. This option is here for you thanks to a glitch on the latest versions of iOS. Yes, who would ever think that a glitch would save us from the annoying?

Hide Apps on iPhone

That being said, it’s time to get to it and start hiding those games that you still can’t get over with. First, create a folder with all the apps you want to hide. Don’t worry, you will still be able to use them (in case you do use them). Now that you’ve created a folder go to your main screen and make sure it is full of app icons. It doesn’t matter which apps are there as long as there is no empty space.

Now, go Inception style and make a folder within a folder. Yes, nesting folders. Drag a random app to create a new folder and then drag the previous folder into the new one. Now you have a folder inside a folder. Before doing anything else, delete the apps that you do not want to hide from the second folder you created.

The latest folder should be left with nothing but the folder containing the apps you want to hide. Now, you need to go to the main screen and make sure that the only folder there is the one nesting the folder that you want to hide. That being double checked, open the second folder you created and pull the small folder out of it into the home screen. See how it disappears? Greatest glitch ever.

Now, of course there are very simple options you can have in case you don’t want to install any other tools or using any services. But if you are an actual power user and you like getting your hands dirty, you can always go and look for tools that will do this for you – cydiahacks.com.

All you need to do is look for apps to “hide apps”. These usually do not require having your device jailbroken and using them can be as simple as downloading any other app from the App Store. Even better, some of them allow you to customize and hide exactly everything that you want to.