Asking for refunds is such a normal thing these days whether it is at a store at the mall or with a service provider, and it is just as normal if you find that a product does not really fit your needs the way you expected it to do, and need to demand for a refund.

Perhaps the worst part of this is that everyone gets lazy when it comes to providing explanations or valid reasons about why they should get a refund. Well, if this is your case then you should know that you better have a good reason if you want Apple to give you your money back. Not that refunds are impossible to get, but when it comes to the big Apple company, you should at least elaborate a decent argument in order to ask for one.

Asking for a refund is quite easy. You can do it from the web, from iTunes or by clicking the Report a Problem link that’s on the bill you got from that specific purchase. If you do it from the web or through iTunes then you need to locate the item you want a refund for; it will be on your purchase list (this works for both, apps and media files) and click on Report a problem. Once there, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and then you will have to provide an explanation of why you want to get a refund.

Refund from the App Store

Before doing any of this, keep in mind that you have 90 days after making the purchase to request a refund, if you’ve already exceeded this time limit then it will be quite doubtful that you do get a refund.

Basically, your refund depends on the argument you provide to Apple. Don’t worry, they’re not evil or anything, they are aware of the fact that children might take your devices and make unauthorized purchases. That’s valid for them, but don’t get used to it either.

Also, it can happen that files don’t work or apps weren’t what you expected. They even understand if you may have misread and downloaded on your iPad an app that works only on iPhone, but you have to make sure you choose the proper explanation.

Now that you’ve made your case, give it somewhere between 24 to 48 hours to get a response from Apple. If they decide that your case is valid then you will be getting your response and your refund almost immediately.

However, if they did not buy your version of the story then there’s nothing really there to do, Apple doesn’t have a support team that’s entirely dedicated to these issues therefore, once you’ve had your rejection there won’t be a number to call and keep arguing, so before making any purchase, double check and make sure it really is what you are looking for, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with companies and file complaints.