Most of the best apps for iPhone and iPad happen to be paid, but still, there are some ways you can get them for free, even without having to jailbreak your device. This way, you can try almost any app that you want to without having to purchase it first, which is very sweet.

Now, the App Store is the place where you can get thousands and thousands of useful applications for your Apple device, and doing so, most of them will cost you money. However, the App Store is not the only way for you to install apps.

There are other options that will allow you to enjoy wonderful apps without having to pay for them. If you make a quick search, you will find out jailbreaking is probably the most popular. What a jailbreak does is to grant you control over your device so that you are able to override certain settings and also be able to install apps from other places different to the App Store.

Ways to get paid Apps for free

But Apple, if you know it, really likes to keep control over their devices, therefore any iDevice that has been jailbroken automatically loses any warranty, making it a tempting but dangerous option for not advanced users. Even so, there are other options for you to run apps for free, even if they are paid and that represent no risk at all.

Using Apps to Browse for (Free) Paid Apps

The easiest way to get paid apps for free, is to use ‘deal’ apps. These apps work in a deal-of-the-day fashion, featuring one or more paid apps that are free or have a significant discount for a certain amount of time.

Some examples of these are Appoday [], App of the Day [] and Apps Gone Free [].

All of these apps work very similar, you install them, sign in and then they will automatically let you know when a new paid app is available to download for free.

Of course, the problem with this, is that the App Store has thousands of applications that probably will not ever be featured on this as free, and also, as the offers are limited in time, you can’t just browse for any app that you want.

Using Alternative App Stores without Jailbreaking your Device

Without a Computer

Just in about the same way the App Store works as a directory for whatever apps you can think of, marketplaces like OpenAppMkt allow you to do the same for web-based applications, and this way you will be able to enjoy apps for free that would otherwise cost you money on the actual App Store.

The big plus in here, is that working as web-based directories for apps, you don’t need to jailbreak your device either and therefore you don’t have to risk losing any information or even worse, damaging the device itself, in case you are not an expert user.

Using the Computer

A major issue with web apps is that you need to have access to a data connection in order to use them, and unfortunately that is not always possible. Don’t give up just yet! 25pp is here to give you one more option before you jump into jailbreaking.

25pp is another app store for your iDevice, but to get apps installed through it you will need to do it from your computer at least once. You can either download and manage new apps from your Mac or Windows computer by installing it from their website [] or you can do it by visiting their mobile site from your device [].

Whatever the case is, the very first time you use it you will need to connect your device to the computer via its USB cable to grant permission to install the apps.

Jailbreaking: Joining the Dark Side

If you come to find none of the options above really satisfy your needs, maybe you are ready for a jailbreak after all.

While many users won’t even consider it, but jailbreaking has been with us since the first iPhone came out, and all these years, it has become into fairly safe procedure with many supporters.

Among other alternatives that you can get on a jailbroken device, you’ll get the chance to use services to unlock apps from within the App Store itself like Linkstore or apps that allow you to unlocking certain paid features in apps like iAP Cracker or iAPCrazy or iAP Free (see here).

Just use the one that better suits you and remember that jailbreaking is a great way to unlock the real potential out of your iPhone, iPad or your iPod touch.