iOS 7 is a brand new and an excellent design of a mobile operating system made by Apple under the headship of Jony Ive, the design honcho. It is available as a download to those people who have iOS devices. The good thing with this operating system is that it can be downloaded to almost any iDevice. This means that for those who own iPhone 4 or newer versions of iPhone and iPad 2 can be able to download and install iOS7 operating system. On December 2013, the jailbreak for iOS 7 was unveiled and this has even made its demand skyrocket compared to the times past.

In case you want to know how to go about downloading the iOS 7 operating system on your iPhone 4, below is a step by step instruction thread that will take you through this. Follow through and you will successfully install your device with this novel operating system.

Compatibility check The first step in the installation process is to ensure that your device is compatible with the iOS 7.Luckily users of iPhone 4 and newer versions of iPhone have been listed among the beneficiaries of this operating system.


Older versions of iPhone beyond iPhone 4 may not be as fortunate. Backing up Your Data After confirming the compatibility then you can comfortably start the installation. Before you touch any dial, you have to first of all backup your data unless you are not concerned in case of any data loss.

There could be bugs and glitches in the installation process hence the need to be on the safe side. The technical glitches have nothing to do with the quality controls that Apple puts or your techno savvy capability. It is more or less like Sod’s law.

The update Once your phone is safely backed up, you can start the download. To verify whether your phone is ready to update, the settings icon will display a small red number over it.

The General Pane: Upon ascertaining the readiness to update, you have to locate the general pane. If the iOS 7 update is present then you will see a notification telling you so.


Software Update Tab: Locate the software update tab and tap it. The screen will show you in an event you have an update. While doing all this, you have to ensure that your phone is plugged in to a power source and the wifi is reliable. This is because the software update process takes a long time and thus will consume power and internet bundles.

This will also prevent a disappointment where the update discontinues midstream.After confirming that your power source and the wifi are working right, then you can touch the Download and Install tab.


Terms and Conditions: Although not many people read this, if you have a legal inclination you can read through them and see the issues covered. After this, you have to accept by ticking the list box so that the download process can continue. After the download your phone will automatically reboot and that will usher in the brand new ios7 on your iPhone 4.