When you have an iPhone device running iOS 7 as your personal device, there is need for data security and privacy. To obtain your iPhone privacy, you need to get AndroidLock XT free for iOS 7.

Android Lock XT is an advanced latest version of Android lockscreen with useful and enhanced improvements. The Android Lock XT application is enabled with new lock patterns and customizations which are made in a way that make them security conscious and also make you iPhone iOS 7 obtain a new look and colourful interface.

Android Lock XT app allows you to have a passcode similar to that of Android lockscreen. Operating the Android Lock XT is as simple as opening your screen by connecting the dots in the correct and same way as you registered on your iPhone.

Features of Android Lock XT

  • It has customizable appearance and themes
  • It enables and disables iPhone switch
  • Is minimized on the screen and allows you to either tap or slide to unlock
  • It allows a maximum pattern or passcode attempts limit
  • It is compatible with LockCalender, LockInfo and also Cydgets
  • It allow one to make emergency calls
  • Can be set to lock after sometime and require a password to unlock.

AndroidLock XT for iOS 7

This article is going to give a simple guide on how to get AndroidLock XT free on iOS 7.

Two solutions to get AndroidLock XT free for iOS7 -


Step 1: In order to get AndroidLock XT free on iOS 7, you need to first have .deb files. So you need to download this file on your iOS 7 device and then rename it as xt.deb

Step 2: The next step is to copy the xt.deb files to var or mobile path on your iOS 7.

Step 3: For you to install the xt.deb file, you need to have iFile on your iPhone. If iFile is not available on your device, then you need to follow the next steps.

Launch Mobile Terminal in your iOS 7 device

  • Type the short word “su” and then press the return option.
  • On the next step type “alpine” and press return button again.
  • On this step type dpkg –I xt.deb and then click the return button for the third time.
  • The final step is to reboot your iPhone device to get AndroidLock XT free on iOS 7.

2nd Solution

This is an alternative way to get AndroidLock XT on iOS 7 if you may fear typing the commands on the 1st solution.

Step 1: On the first step, you need to download Cydia app on your iOS 7 device. If you already have the Cydia app, proceed from step 2.

Step 2: Open the Cydia app on your iOS 7 device.

Step 3: From your Cydia app, click Manage-> Sources-> edit-> add.

Step 4: Once you have pressed “add” option, then type the AndroidLock XT URL source repo as either “Cydia.xsellize.com” or “sinfuliphonerepo.com”

Step 5:  Once you have successfully installed the xsellize or sinfuliphonerepo on your Cydia app, you need to get AndroidLock XT free on iOS 7 through searching it from the specified repo and then install it on your iOS 7 iPhone.