RageBreak is a new jailbreak tool which is capable of jailbreaking iOS 7. But before you download RageBreak, you must remember that it only works with Mac OS X and can only jailbreak the iPhone 4, GSM, or CDMA models.

Before you begin the jailbreak, download RageBreak [here]. Then, you should also download the JAVA SE Development Kit and the iOS 7 firmware. Once done, follow the steps provided below to jailbreak iOS 7.

1. Open RageBreak and right-click to run as administrator.

2. Choose the first option on the RageBreak GUI, click ‘OK’ and the files needed for the jaibreaking process will be downloaded.

3. Using a USB cable, plug your iPhone to your computer and enter the DFU mode by holding the power and home buttons for 10 seconds at the same time until the screen goes blank. Release the power button but keep on holding the home button for another 15 seconds.

RageBreak Jailbreak

4. Click the second option on RageBreak and click ‘OK’ when it asks if your iPhone is on DFU mode.

5. Click ‘OK’ for all other options. You might also be asked to click ‘Run’ to open some apps.

6. The jailbreak has been completed. But since this is a tethered jailbreak, you have to reboot your iPhone on Ragebreak.

You can also watch the below video:


You have successfully jailbroken your iOS 7 and if you don’t have Cydia, you can also install it to access different apps.