iAP Cracker (or Freedom, as it goes on Android) is a must download app for the Google mobile OS users, or any smartphone user, if possible. Once you get to use it, you’ll be wondering how you even lived without it.

If you’re an app enthusiast, always installing, trying and enjoying new apps on your phone or tablet, you may have come to a moment in which you get frustrated by the fact that you can’t use all features on every app, unless you pay for them, of course.

With iAP Cracker installed on your device, you can use any of these paid features for free, on any app. Do you want to join for the ride and enjoy every app you ever imagined? Jump in!

This is what you need:

1. Getting root access on your device. iAP Cracker will only work on your Android device if it has been rooted. Don’t worry, this is not a difficult process at all, you can quickly search for instructions on how to root your phone or tablet model. Once you get root access you can install this and many other powerful applications that give you even more control over your device.

Get iAP Cracker on Android

2. Installing iAP Cracker Freedom. You can now tap on this link to get the app – http://system.in-appstore.com/freedom/download.php. It will download the APK file of Freedom for you, which is basically an installer for Android. You can select Package Installer and then tap on Install.

3. Running iAP Cracker Freedom. After installing the app, you tap on Open. The first time that you run the app, it will ask for superuser permission, just grant it and let it work for a couple minutes. Once the app is correctly running, it will display a list of the installed apps that it can work on.

4. Using iAP Cracker Freedom on any app. From the list displayed, all you need to do is tap on the app that you want to “crack”. Once in the app, just use it as you regularly do and once you see an item that interests you continue to do the purchase normally. You will notice that the amount to be charged will be applied to a card with the number “Free Card -xx68” meaning you don’t actually have to pay for it.

5. Enjoy! Well that’s it! You can now unlock all features for the supported apps in your phone or tablet.

Just a couple more things

Freedom updates are usually distributed automatically, and they will add support for new apps, devices or provide you with fixes for certain services.

  • If you happen to have an error and the app won’t open, just try deactivating Automatic Time Zone and setting your time zone for Moscow (Russia). This should solve it.
  • And just before you go on an app binge, remember that Whenever you want to uninstall Freedom from your device it is important that you stop it manually, otherwise you will not be able to use Google Play Services as you normally did.

To do it, simply open the app and stop it Also, if you have any questions or need more detailed information you can head up to this page – http://system.in-appstore.com/freedom/.