If you own an iPhone and want to try and experience thousands of apps without the need of jailbreaking and for free , you should download 25pp. With 25pp you can install many apps for free, that usually you would have to pay for. Next we will see how you can install and use one of the ultimate tools to make the most out of your Apple device.

First of all, 25pp is an application that you can use in both, your mobile device and your main computer. Originally 25pp only had a desktop version, from which you would manage and install all the applications into your phone by connecting it to the computer.

However, today you can also enjoy 25pp on the go thanks to their mobile apps, available for iPhone and iPad. That being said, the first thing that you want to sort out is: on which device you plan to be using 25pp.

Downloading 25pp

Using 25pp

You can download 25pp for your Mac and Windows computer from their website also, if you are on your iPhone or iPad they have a mobile version of it – http://z.25pp.com.

If you use Google Chrome, you will not have any problem navigating through it since it will be translated for you automatically from Chinese. If you still have some problems finding where to click, here are the direct links to the PC version – http://ghost.25pp.com/soft/pp.exe and the Mac version – http://ghost.25pp.com/soft/pp_mac.dmg. If you are installing 25pp directly into your iPhone/iPad/iPod, all you have to do is to go to http://z.25pp.com and tap on the big button.

Installing 25pp

Once you have downloaded the application, installing should not be a problem, just click next until you get through the installation assistant. On iOS all you have to do is tap on Install and the application will appear in the home screen.

Browsing for apps

If you are using the mobile version on your iOS device, all you have to do is open the app and tap on the second tab at the bottom, you will now be able to search any apps. If you are using the desktop version of 25pp, you should connect the iDevice to the computer.

Once the information of the device is displayed, you need to click on the ‘AppStore‘ icon, this will look like an apple on the Mac version and an apple on the palm of a hand on Windows. Now, at the right top of the application you will be able to look for whatever app you want to install.

Installing the apps from 25pp

Once you have found the app you are interested in, just tap on the blue button right next to it to get it installed on the device. If you are using the computer, it works the same way, just click on the first button next to any app and the download will begin immediately.

Moving apps to your device (required on desktop only)

As the apps finishes downloading you will need to transfer them into the device. To do so, simply click on the transfer button on the left pane that looks like two small windows one on top of the other on Mac or like a little black and white-checked square on Windows. From here, just click on the first button next to the app name. It will transfer the downloaded app into the device. Now you can disconnect it from the computer and start using your brand new apps!