With iOS 7 many tweaks and apps were developed to make iDevices users happier. While the App Store does offer a great variety of apps and games to choose from, it is also known that Apple’s quite restrictive when it comes to customizing your phone like, let’s say, changing its font.

With these needs in mind, Cydia came to the rescue and provided several great tweaks that ended up pushing Apple and forcing it to get even better on iOS 8. These are some of the best Cydia Apps and tweaks for iOS 7 that should be expected on iOS 8 pretty soon.

Apple may have filled the need of an always-on voice recognition with “Hey, Siri” but users still need to come to Cydia to get Airblue Sharing 7 when it comes to file transfer to a different OS through bluetooth. Hopefully Apple will understand someday that bluetooth file transfer should be enabled regardless of the device’s OS.

Probably one of the things iDevices users envy the most from Android is Swype. With iOS 8, users no longer have to think about jailbreaking in order to get Swype. Great! They now know how awesome it is to send a grammatically correct message without having to double check for spaces before sending.

iOS 8 tweaks

However, they still cannot change the font of their iPhones, so they might as well just get back to Cydia to get BytaFont2, well, you know, becauseā€¦ it has to look awesome too.

In case of emergency, please call my mom and tell her I was doing my homework and I did not sneak out through the window. Point been made, Apple was kind enough to provide this emergency card on iOS 8, now all those users who were afraid to go out and who feared would get the wrong blood type transfusion can chill out and go for that late night walk.

But do not expect to be able to take a quick snap of that beautiful moon because chances are you will still have to get JellyLock7 in order to make a shortcut of your camera on that lockscreen.

Thank you Apple for Notification Center Widgets. Now, could you please make it available for something else rather than newsfeed and forecast?

Snow covering up the front porch can tell it is quite cold outside, however, widgets are still limited and it would be helpful to have at least a widget for all those productivity apps that just keep pushing people towards procrastination. See, Apple? It is not that people do not want to work is just that you are not really helping. In the mean time, let’s go back to iWidgets on Cydia!

Apple may require fingerprints now to get to the control center in order to make changes, but taking a picture of that nosey friend who is still trying to get into your messages is still worth the jailbreak.

iCaught U is simply the best thing you can get to get rid of those obnoxious friends who just cannot keep their hands aways from someone else’s phone, and the best thing, they can’t even deny it because you will get an email with his/her picture ready to be framed.