Finding the best video editing tool for iPhone isn’t exactly an easy task, but here I am to help you saving the time of going through the hundreds options that are available and tell you to download Cute Cut right away. That is, of course, if you treat your iPhone with nothing but the absolute best.

It is safe to assume that desktop apps always offer a whole lot more than what mobile apps regularly do, but Cute Cut is here to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice user experience nor capabilities by trying to edit a video on your phone.

Why is Cute Cut the best for iPhone?

Whether you care or not about the looks, I can already tell you will be falling for this. You may be wondering how an app can pack together all of the options a regular video editor on a computer may have, but it does. The trick is that Cute Cut shows you the options that you need in the moment you need them. This way you will find every option at handy without getting confusing or overwhelming.

Cut Cut

You would think that being a mobile app, video edition may be limited to just that, video. But here you can always go one step further by adding different types of media, such as pictures, music or even voice notes. Want to draw a tiny heart and add it to that special video for your Valentine? Suit yourself, you can either do the sketch on a different application and add it to Cute Cut as a picture or you can start from scratch in there.

But it isn’t always about how much you can add to it but how awesome the outcome will be and in order to reach the best results, you should be able to work with the video and define the settings that really suit your needs. For example, you can change its transparency, rotate it, change the scale and even set up the volume of that song you added. Still not enough? Then go HD! Yes, you can.

Now, it’s not only about what you can do on your device, but also how you can share your creations with the rest of the world. Having an infinity of social networks and services to share anything with your colleagues, friends or family, you can use Cute Cut to share on the go. Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you name it, Cute Cut will let you spread your video everywhere with just a couple taps.

Want to find out is it to edit video like a pro? Go ahead and give it a try. As you start using Cute Cut you will find everything you need and soon you’ll be exploring all of its options. Also, if you want to do anything but can’t seem to find how to do it, you can go to their website – In there, you will be able to find tutorials, FAQs and much more content that will certainly help you get the best of it.