This post is specifically for iPhone and iPad users, and today I am going to talk about top 5 cool things to do with your iPhone and iPad that most people do not know . The number of iPhone and iPad users continue to grow. To keep iPhone and iPad users engaged and to attract new prospects towards these Apple products, Apple Inc. continue to bring in some soft-ware and hard-ware upgrades.

Moreover, because of its rival platform Android of Google, Apple has to do some major developments in its phones and iOS platform in an attempt to stay on top of the competition with its rival platform and with other smartphone brands that use Android platform.

Well, because of all these developments and updates, a lot of features and apps have been developed for iPhone and iPad users. How many users are aware of them and use these cool features and apps? Although many people keep their iPhone and iPad updated with latest software updates and apps, but still there are many cool features for iPad and iPhone that many users do not know about. Let’s see what are those!

iPhone Tricks

Guided Access

Guided access is one of the great feature of the iPhone which allows you to control your idevice before giving to someone else or to your kids. You can set a passcode to enable and disable Guided Access. Using guided access, you can disable certain apps, features and areas of screen and limit its usage. This is a great feature for parents to limit activities of their kids on their iPhones and iPads. To activate guided access in an app, triple click the home button in the app you want to limit access.

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Zoom Feature

This is another great feature of iPhone that many people do not know. If you have troubles in viewing items on screen in its current zoom level, do not worry, you can fix it easily. You can zoom the entire screen in to make everything look bigger. This is a great feature for people having eye problems. Go into accessibility settings and turn zoom on. After enabling zoom, double press on screen with three fingers and screen will be zoom in, and everything on your screen will start looking bigger. This is my favorite feature in the list of top 5 cool things to do with your iPhone and iPad.

Closing Three apps Simultaneously

If you love multi-tasking, this is really a cool feature for you. By pressing on home button for a while, all open apps will appear. Many people do not know this cool feature and they close all open apps one by one. With the help of this cool feature, you can now close 3 apps simultaneously. You just need to use 3 fingers at the same time. This is really nice feature and can save you from extra effort and time in closing all open apps one by one.

Scan your Credit Card in Safari

Online purchases can be very painful. You have to enter your credit card number and all other information manually in an online store to buy anything. However, mobile purchases are taking this place, you can enter the wrong digits in the first go while typing on such a small keyboard. Apple Pay will likely resolve all these problems, but until that you can use Safari’s credit card scanning feature (introduced in IOS 8) to make your life easier.

Open a website to perform checkout process, after that place the cursor inside the box which is for credit card number. Hit the scan credit card number and place your card in the frame to scan it. After following all these steps, your credit card information will be stored in the Safari in appropriate fields and you will no longer need to manually enter your credit card information in online stores.

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Find my iPhone (Send Last Location)

This is the last feature in the list of top 5 cool iPad and IPhone features’ list. Find my iPhone is a great feature of iPhone and iPad for tracking your phone. But if your battery dies, you cannot track your iPhone, and chances of seeing your lost iPhone again diminishes significantly.

Latest update to find my iPhone in iOS 8 now can save your device. With iOS 8 installed, Find my iPad, iPod and iPhone can send your last known device location to iCloud before your battery dies. To enable this feature, go to settings, open iCloud, then go to find my (device type) and here you can turn this feature on.

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