Being unable to connect to the iTunes Store on iDevices is more common than you can even imagine. But before you run into early assumptions and try some random troubleshooting you should go with the basics and start by checking your device’s settings.

Most of the times it only requires to enable an option or restart your device. If you go straight to doing some complicated procedures just because you have a feeling it might work you will probably end up just causing more damage to them.

For example, if the issue is on your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can start by checking the date, time and time zone. After these are set, you should check if there is any software update available.

All you have to do is update your device and all problem should be solved! (you can just plug it in to your computer and update it using iTunes). If your device is up to date and you are still not being able to connect then it is time you check your internet connection.

iTunes Store Error

Before you do anything make sure you know how you want to work, with your Wi-Fi or using your data plan. If you want to work with your Wi-Fi then you need to be within its range and you could in fact, use another device you own and see if it can go online, this is just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your internet connection.

If you notice that you’re not being able to browse the web on any device then you can restart your Wi-Fi router but if the problem persists then you should call your internet provider for further assistance. If, on the other hand, you chose to work with your data plan then you should check on Settings > General > Cellular and enable the cellular data option.

But what about Apple TV?

When you’re having any trouble with your Apple TV you can always restore it with iTunes. It is quite a simple process and it will more likely solve pretty much anything. Find a micro USB cable and plug it in to your computer. iTunes will launch immediately (if it doesn’t, open it) and it will work its magic.

This process is quite simple and will solve your problems as long as you follow it carefully step by step. No, don’t be afraid, following carefully just means that you need to wait until iTunes tells you it’s safe to unplug your Apple TV.

Basically, all you have to do is follow the steps as iTunes tells you. First it will tell you that your Apple TV is in recovery mode and that it will be restored. Click on the button that says Restore and Update, confirm it by clicking Next and accept the terms of service by clicking Agree.

Once you’re there then it’s time to chill out and allow iTunes some minutes for it to work its magic and fix your Apple TV. iTunes will download the firmware file and once it’s done it will show a popup with a message that says that your Apple TV has been restored to factory settings and that it can be unplugged.