There is nothing more boring than owning a smartphone and having it look just as any other device out there. With all the applications in the App Store, you would think Apple users have it easy to customize every single aspect on their devices and make a personal statement through the looks of them.

But this is not always an easy task. iOS has many restrictions by default in order to make an appealing, uniform experience for every user. However, if you think you are ready to jump into customization, here are some of the best LockScreen Tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and Mini.

Better LS

With this tool you can customize different aspects of your lockscreen. For example, you can add or delete items from your lockscreen and adjust its size and the spacing between them. You can also choose whether to keep or hide the status bar just by going to the preferences section. Displaying the album art on the lock screen, as well as customizing the slider are also some of the options you can tweak with this.

Best lockscreen tweaks for iOS

Subtle Lock

The entire concept of this tweak is based on simplicity. Basically what it offers is a smaller view of the clock section and the unlock section making the screen look wider and leaving more room for wallpapers. Just like the previous option, you can also remove or hide elements from the lockscreen. Even though it may sound like much trouble customizing the lockscreen, you can always go back to the standard lockscreen in just a few taps.

Lockify Pro

Ever thought about changing the color of the date or the time display on your lockscreen? Well, stop thinking and start choosing colors because this is just the beginning of all the features you will have with this awesome tweak. Lockify Pro lets you change the color of almost anything on your lockscreen as well as define which elements you want on your status bar.


This specific tweak, allows you to change the looks not only of your lock screen but of several aspects of your iDevice. For example, you can change the slider, the status bar, the dock, folders and even your app icons! And each section of it allows changing different things like how you want the text to look.


If you are an Apple user but happen to like Android’s looks then this is your tweak. JellyLock7 brings the looks of Android’s Jelly Bean version to iDevices. With this amazing tweak you can make your Apple device like an Android device by adding shortcuts to your favorite or most used applications on your lockscreen, that way you will be saving a whole lot of time since you will not have to unlock your device in order to take a picture, for example.

If you chose to put a shortcut for, let’s say, WhatsApp on your lockscreen, the icon will display whether you have any messages left unseen, and this is for any application that is set to notify.