No doubt, iOS 8 is the world’s most advanced and innovative Operating System designed for Apple’s specific products: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple Inc. always keeps on updating its iOS platform to improve users experience and to stay on top of the list among its competitive platforms for smartphones like android, windows and etc.

iOS 8 came with great updates to apps people use on daily basis and it is the latest and best release ever. Today I am going to focus on widgets updates in iOS 8.

Finally, iOS 8 has adopted third party widgets, and many developers have been trying hard to include their apps. A lot of apps have been updated in iOS 8 and now they are more useful and valuable indeed. I believe if implemented properly, these widgets can be really useful, but to name a widget the best iOS 8 widget is not that easy. A widget might be great for one individual, but may not be good for another user.

Some of the best widgets for iOS 8 include: Evernote, iMonitor, Weather, Paste+, SportsCenter, iCloud, Message. To me, Evernote is the best iOS 8 widget.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a great productivity app/service of all times. Evernote is like your virtual brain in which you can store anything you want to remember instead of your own brain. You can save anything in Evernote like articles, plaintexts, photos with GPS information and notes, PDFs, shopping lists, any important notes and hyperlinks etc.


Evernote and iOS 8

With iOS 8 update, the Evernote has become even better. Before iOS 8 update, creation of quick notes was always a problem for iOS users. But with iOS update of Evernote, this is no more an issue as iOS 8 has an awesome extension as well as a widget for Evernote. If you have ever struggled with your iPhone to search Evernote app to note down something important, this Evernote widget is the solution to your problem.

Evernote widget is simple, but really useful indeed! If enabled, it shows five buttons in Notifications Center to let you create a remainder, text note, check list or notes with photos from your library or from your camera. When you tap any of these buttons, it will lead you to relevant section and help you in creating text or photo notes.

iOS 8 and Evernote’s Premium Features

Web Clipping

iOS users were waiting for web clipping feature in IOS for long time. Finally, it is here in iOS 8 and actually it is much more than web clipping. While you are on a webpage and want to save that page, simply hit the share icon and chose Evernote and select a destination notebook and you are done. You can also do this with photos, PDFs, docs and more.

Touch ID Lock

You can unlock your Evernote using your fingerprints on supported devices. It is the fastest way to access Evernote if you love to use passcode feature on your phone.

Related Notes

When you type or search a note, Evernote searches through your account and tries to find relevant information to the work you are doing at that particular moment. It is a great way to rediscover the valuable content relevant to your project or task. I really love this feature and it makes it best iOS 8 widget.