The much awaited iOS8 is now finally available to the iUsers. Apple claims it to be the biggest software update since the launch of the AppStore and even the users are finding it quite new and upgraded. From technicality point of view a lot of iOS gaps have been bridged. A few exclusively new features have also been added to the update; lets know more about these new fun features.

1. New Health app

iOS 8 Automatically installs Health App on your device when you upgrade from iOS7.

2. Control center design

iOS8 goes for a more flat and pared-down look from iOS7.

3. Multitasking

When running iOS 7, people usually double tap home button, and they’re able to quickly switch between open apps or close them by dragging them up. iOS 8 adds ability to quickly get to people with whom you most recently connected.

4. Emergency medical information

One very cool feature in iOS 8 is ability to add some essential emergency medical information that is accessed from phone’s lock screen. iOS 7 does not have a link to iPhone owner’s medical ID. In iOS 8, through the Health app you can add emergency medical information.

iPhone apps

5. Mail

Swipe on an email message in the Mail app in iOS 7, you have option to delete or get into more options. With iOS 8, the option to flag automatically appears so you can use it quickly. You can also swipe a message left to right to quickly mark any email as unread.

6. Keyboard

iOS 8′s standard installed keyboard contains a predictive typing feature which guesses what you’re trying to write before you complete the word, so that you can select it and have it automatically drop into place. The happy face icon in the iOS 8 keyboard brings up emoji. iOS 7 does not have either of those features. Custom keyboards can also be installed with iOS 8. Keep an eye out for options such as SwiftKey and Swype.

7. Photo Sharing

Similar to those found in the Control Center, their differences in the photo-sharing screens in iOS 7 and iOS 8. Fewer dividing lines, for example, and prominent inclusion of the iCloud sharing option.

8. Texting

You had the option to attach an image to a text message in iOS 7. With iOS 8, you also have the option to attach an audio recording.

9. Extensions

iOS 8 includes extensions. Notice the addition of password manager-LastPass that is able to finally work with Safari, so that you can let your password manager log you in as it should, rather than copy and paste passwords into Safari from your password-manager app. Other app extensions will be taking advantage of iOS 8, too. Look for updates from players like Evernote and Pocket.

10. General Settings

Biggest change: Handoff and Suggested Apps. Handoff is a new feature that allows your iOS device to work together with a Mac running Yosemite when it is released. It will fundamentally synchronize more stuff between multiple Apple devices, you can move between them the same way you do with other synced apps and services, like Google Docs and Evernote. Wherever you left off, that’s where you’ll pick up, irrespective of which device you’re using.

11. Camera

Little clock icon in the upper right side of the iOS 8 Camera app is a timer, so you can take ridiculously bad selfies a little easier.

iOS8 should be tried. Apple says it is the biggest iOS release ever. Comes with big updates to apps which are used every day-messages and photos. It is new way to share content with your family. Has exciting new connections between apps and between devices. These and more make iOS8 the biggest iOS release ever. Apple always brings the best, many believe. Why not try?